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Born in Zurich, and educated in Jerusalem, London and Florence, Tamara Bloch has been creating multi-faceted designs for a wide range of accessories and collectible pieces for over 15 years.

Combining elements of traditional and folk handicrafts with modern and functional designs, her creations explore the tensions between taboo and style conventions. Each design process often involves a journey in search of the object's personality as well as that of its future bearer, or owner.

Launched as an independent label in 2002, Tamara Bloch Accessories Design started with a collection of handbags, and rapidly expanded to include day and evening bags, hats and jewelery.

Tamara has been collaborating with a long-established fabrication house in Italy, making use of advanced fabrication techniques, quality workmanship and an assortment of "family secrets" in her production of high-quality and high-end creations. This collaboration has been used since 1998 to provide freelance design services for labels such as Roberto Cavalli, Plein Sud, Braccialini for Vivienne Westwood, Victor Bellaish and Sissi Rossi, among others.

Her designs have been sold in boutiques and stores worldwide, including Takashimaya (NY, Tokyo), Mitsukoshi, Henry Bendel (NY) and Le Bon Marche (Paris).

Tamara’s work has been featured in British Vogue, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Interni (Italy), and many others.


She resides in London, and is currently working on a number of new projects.

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